Warrnambool Environmental Action Group


Warrnambool Environmental Action Group’s mission is to inform, inspire and unite community to create a sustainable future and to protect our natural environment.

To undertake actions that sustain the natural environment.

To inform the Warrnambool community by:
- Having information published in the letters or main section of local newspapers.
- Maintaining a website and social media page of relevant, timely and balanced information about groups, events, initiatives and activities relating to all areas
of sustainability.
- Passing on relevant and timely information to our members.
- Thinking globally and acting locally.
- Monitoring, researching and reporting on local environmental concerns.

To inspire the Warrnambool community by:
- Raising awareness about the impacts on our environment and providing opportunities in resolving these to create positive long term behavioral change.
- Retaining a sense of fun and liveliness at WEAG events.
- Carrying out or participating in campaigns and community events which help to bring about the WEAG mission.

To unite the Warrnambool community by:
- Assist community members in undertaking bold new sustainability initiatives.
- Maintain a diverse membership base.
- Networking and passing on information about sustainability related events in the Warrnambool Region (forums, workshops, celebrations).
- Assist individuals to connect with their environment and know how to make a difference.
- Ensuring that WEAG committee is able to function as a sustainable entity – meets regularly, members follow agreed role descriptions and committee
maintains accurate financial, membership and correspondence records.

We meet on the third Wednesday of the month at the Pavilion at the Breakwater in the "Boardroom", 7.30pm, all welcome.

Major Events

Earth Hour - March 28th 2015 Music & entertainment by candlelight. Sustainable House Day - September 13th 2015 Opening sustainable homes to the public for viewing. Various film nights on Environmental Issues.

Skills and Resources

Animal Support & Welfare, Environment - Revegetation, Weed Control etc, Arts & Entertainment (music, dance, creative workshops etc), Improving Parks, Gardens & Reserves

Seeking New Members:


looking for Volunteers:

Casual / One Off Opportunities, Ongoing Role


Date: July
Location: The Pavilion, Warrnambool

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Heidi Wisniewski
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