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1. People seeking asylum should be treated in accordance with our obligations under the United Nations Convention on Refugees which Australia signed in 1954.
2. Amnesty and permanent residency in Australia should be granted to all those people seeking asylum currently in detention in Australia and in Australia's offshore detention centres.
3. Existing holding centres on Christmas Island & Nauru should be abolished and any further plans for new offshore centres should be abandoned.
4. Military intervention against people who arrive by boat should be stopped.
5. Temporary Visas should be abolished and the right to permanent residence given to those already here assessed as refugees so that they can rebuild their lives.
6. People seeking asylum should be held in detention only for limited time to establish their identity and for criminal & health clearance.
7. Detention facilities should be taken out of the hands of private enterprise. Such facilities should be publicly accountable and open to scrutiny
8. There is an international humanitarian crisis involving the mass migration of refugees and displaced people. Australia should lead an international search for co-operative solutions and support a world-wide increase in aid for refugees.
9. Australia should promote the establishment of an international conference to review International conventions and revise current inadequate procedures for resettlement of refugees.
10. Australia’s current quota of refugees per year is inadequate and should be appropriately increased.

Major Events

1. Refugee Week acknowledgment. 3. Activism - letter writing & petitions to Political Leaders advocating for change. 4. Support for Refugees & People seeking asylum. 5. Activities in line with National Rural Australians For Refugees

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Migrant Support, Welcoming New Residents

Welcoming Refugees to our region. Encouraging diversity.

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