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Offers unique opportunities for school-aged youth to connect in highly successful art groups. The multi-level, purpose-built studio provides a special space for friendships to be forged whilst art in all mediums is explored and developed.

Ideas flow freely in all directions.
Any process can be challenged and improved. Anyone at any level can offer solutions.
There is a continual analysis of all manner of topics and ideas looked at from a variety of perspectives and discussed.
Brainstorming is a habit.
There is a focus on each person as a learner creator, visionary and teacher

After School Art Classes
2 hours sessions 4:30pm – 6:30pm
All art materials included
Beverage of own choosing offered for Wednesday groups, which are mostly secondary students.

$25 session - term fees apply

Sea Mist Studio - Logans Beach

Individual & Collaborative Artistic Development

Wednesdays & Upper Primary & Junior Secondary Yr 4-9:
Individual direction in all mediums is offered.

Thursdays: Primary Students:
First 50 minutes - Term focus
10-minute break
Second 50 minutes - Individual direction in all mediums.
10minute pack-up time

Contact: Kate Cherrett
Mobile: 0417 383 757

Be part of a positive engaging social group fostering creativity & problem solving whilst developing a wide variety of skills and techniques.
Aside from offering individual development in drawing and painting which explores a wide variety of mediums traditional (eg. pencils, pastels etc & watercolours) and contemporary (eg. digital & spray paint) these sessions provide a chance to develop individual and collaborative projects of their own design.

Instruction in the use of equipment, tools and materials used in art forms such as relief, free-standing and hanging sculpture, pottery & ceramics, various forms of printing, including lino-cut and screen-printing, mosaic and collage.

Major Events

SUMMER HOLIDAY ART WORKSHOPS PROGRAM IS POSTED ON OUR FACEBOOK PAGE (click the link) WORKSHOPS LISTED BELOW Candle Making Silk Painting Tie-Dyeing Screen Printing Beach Collage String Art Spray Paint Art Wire & Wood Sculpture Lino Cut Printing Plaster Sculpture Students informed about relevant current competitions and encouraged to participate. Always given the opportunity to enter the Warrnambool Show. With parental permissions, student's birthdays are celebrated. Enjoy a celebratory end of year party.

Skills and Resources

Arts & Entertainment (music, dance, creative workshops etc), Improving Parks, Gardens & Reserves

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Date: February
Location: Warrnambool

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Kate Cherrett
BH: 0417383757
AH: 0417383757
Mobile: 0417383757

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Logans Beach Road
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